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    First To Know - Movie News

    R.I.P. Lauren Bacall

    B5bfeb1cb39f9ac82890603ef7cf4e2f6b891e61 Legendary stage and screen actress Lauren Bacall has passed away at age 89 after suffering a stroke. Best known for such classic films as The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo, Bacall made her screen debut in 1944 in To Have and Have Not opposite her on and offscreen partner Humphrey Bogart. Most recently she co-starred in 2012's The Forger.

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

    07b9e15fd15f5373a93e80f4c830bb394ef65392 Comedy legend and actor Robin Williams has passed away at age 63. Williams recently reprised his role as Theodore Roosevelt in the third Night at the Museum film to be released in the US this December. He had also recently signed on to reprise his beloved role as Mrs. Doubtfire in a sequel.

    Ninja Turtles reboot tops box office

    867527b95541dde9d99bb1595baaedfe89807973 Paramount's reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has debuted strongly in the US, sources report. The Jonathan Liebesman directed film took in US$65.5 million in its opening weekend, the fourth highest August opening ever. Unsurprisingly the studio has announced a sequel to be released in the US on June 3, 2016. The film is set to open in Australia on September 11.

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    Top 20 Box Office

    • 1
      The Maze Runner
      The Maze Runner113 minutes MView
    • 2
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles105 minutes MView
    • 3
      Planes: Fire & Rescue
      Planes: Fire & Rescue84 minutes GView
    • 4
      The Boxtrolls
      The Boxtrolls97 minutes PGView
    • 5
      Step Up: All In
      Step Up: All In112 minutes PGView
    • 6
      Into the Storm
      Into the Storm89 minutes MView
    • 7
      Guardians of the Galaxy
      Guardians of the Galaxy121 minutes MView
    • 8
      The Hundred-Foot Journey
      The Hundred-Foot Journey122 minutes PGView
    • 9
      Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
      Sin City: A Dame To Kill For102 minutes MA15View
    • 10
      The Giver
      The Giver97 minutes MView
    • 11
      Magic in the Moonlight
      Magic in the Moonlight97 minutes PGView
    • 12
      Boyhood166 minutes MView
    • 13
      Lucy (2014)
      Lucy (2014)90 minutes MA15View
    • 14
      The House of Magic
      The House of Magic85 minutes PGView
    • 15
      If I Stay
      If I Stay107 minutes MView
    • 16
      What We Do In the Shadows
      What We Do In the Shadows86 minutes MView
    • 17
      Wish I Was Here
      Wish I Was Here120 minutes CTCView
    • 18
      The Inbetweeners 2
      The Inbetweeners 296 minutes MA15View
    • 19
      Felony (2014)
      Felony (2014)105 minutes MView
    • 20
      Predestination100 minutes MA15View
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