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Man From Clover Grove, The (DVD)

Man From Clover Grove, The
TV Stars of the 60s and 70s light up this madcap family romp. Claude Ralntree (Ron Masak - Laserblast, Ice... more »
Comedy, Family
Jed Allan, Richard Deacon, Stu Gilliam, Ron Masak,   more »
William Byron Hillman


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TV Stars of the 60s and 70s light up this madcap family romp. Claude Ralntree (Ron Masak - Laserblast, Ice Station Zebra) only needs money to save the family farm, marry long-time sweetheart Millie (Cheryl Miller - Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion; Daktari) and keep making toys for the local orphanage. Unknown to Claude, his toys have magical powers that not only delight the children, but mysteriously take control of anything with a motor-Including the local sheriff s patrol car! But Claude s problems don t stop with the furious sheriff (Joe Higgins - Flipper, Green Acres) and his bungling deputy (Stu Gilliam). A greedy landowner (Buddy Lester - Ocean s Eleven) threatens to foreclose on both Claude s farm and close the orphanage, run by kindly Sister Mary (Rose Marie - Dick Van Dyke Show). To top it all off, a mysterious stranger (Richard Deacon - Dick Van Dyke Show, The Birds) has been skulking around, spying on Claude s inventions. Car chases and pratfalls link the more tender moments, where Claude and Millie bond with a specla110-year-old orphan (Billy Hillman), and Claude assures Millie and her father (Paul Wlncheii - AristoCats, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too) that Claude s intentions are honorable. All s well that ends well when the mysterious stranger turns out to be a rep from a big toy company that wants to make Claude a rich man and help him save the orphanage. Awarded Five Doves by the Dove Foundation.

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