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Hulk - Limited Collector's Edition (3 Disc Box Set) (DTS) (DVD)

Hulk - Limited Collector's Edition (3 Disc Box Set) (DTS)
Strictly Limited Edition Collector's Boxset, including a Bonus Special Features DVD and Collectible Extras... more »
Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas,   more »
Ang Lee


Strictly Limited Edition Collector's Boxset, including a Bonus Special Features DVD and Collectible Extras Exclusive to this set!

Click here for the Hulk 2 Disc Set

Scientist Bruce Banner has, to put it mildly, anger management issues. His quiet life as a brilliant researcher working with cutting edge genetic technology conceals a nearly forgotten and painful past. His ex-girlfriend and fellow researcher, Betty Ross, has grown tired of Bruce's cordoned off emotional terrain and resigns herself to remaining an interested onlooker to his quiet life--until a simple oversight in the lab leads to an explosive situation in which Bruce heroically saves a life by absorbing a normally deadly dose of gamma radiation.

Believing himself to have emerged from the accident unscathed, Bruce can't deny he's experiencing some strange side effects--including blackouts and the feeling that there is some kind of strange and dark, yet attractive, presence within him. All the while an impossibly strong, rampaging creature, who comes to be known as the Hulk, continues its sporadic appearances, cutting a swath of destruction in his wake. But Betty Ross has her theories, she knows the shadowy figure lurking in the background, Bruce's father David, is somehow connected. She may be the only one who understands the link between the scientist and the Hulk, but her efforts may be too late to save both man and creature.

Special Features:
  • Includes the standard Hulk 2 Disc Set with mirrorboard sleeve and special features
  • Extra Disc: HULK: THE LOWDOWN - An In Depth Look Behind The Scenes Of The Movie - A 45 minute documentary hosted by Sam Elliot & Josh Lucas
  • Limited Edition 'Money Can't Buy' Prints Of The Hulkified Scene - ‘You’re Making Me Angry’ Scene #84 interpreted from the screenplay by 4 Acclaimed Illustrators from around the World. The prints are contained within a silk covered booklet with an embossed front cover
  • 10 Limited Edition Superior Quality Prints - 10 Unique Pieces Of Storyboard Artwork, very high quality and detail
  • The Incredible Hulk Marvel comic - Reprint #1
  • Production Notes Booklet - Will include preparation artwork from the storyboard showing scenery and character development work

Special Features

Run Time (minutes)
Subtitle Language
  • English,
  • Dutch
Audio Format
DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1
Aspect Ratio
1.85:1 16:9 Enhanced
Transfer Aspect Ratio
Disc Packaging
  • Box set
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
DVD Region
Video Format

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