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Bold and the Beautiful, The - The Best of Brooke, Ridge & Taylor (3 Disc Set) (DVD)

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Bold and the Beautiful, The - The Best of Brooke, Ridge & Taylor (3 Disc Set)
Beverly Hills and Malibu, the epicentres of Los Angeles, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL explores the entangled... more »
TV Series, Drama


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Beverly Hills and Malibu, the epicentres of Los Angeles, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL explores the entangled lives, passionate loves, high-stakes battles, loyalties, tragedies, and the inspiring triumphs of the Forrester, Logan, Spencer, Marone and Spectra dynasties. Brook, Ridge and Taylor are three of the most beloved characters in The Bold and the Beautiful. Relive some of the most memorable moments from their fervent and explosive relationships. Disc 1 The Best of Brooke Ep 1: Ridge votes to reinstate Eric as CEO. Stephanie is thrilled and Brooke runs out in tears. Ep 2: Samantha is sceptical over the nature of Caitlin and Rick's meeting was a date. Ep 3: Brooke admits to a hurt Bridget that she loves Nick. Bridget confronts Nick about Brooke. Ep 4: Stephanie urges Nick and Jackie that if they want to help Brooke they need to get rid of Stephen. Ep 5: Andy threatens Brooke's reconciliation with her children. The Best of Ridge Ep 6: Brooke's fears over Ridge's disappearance increase when she sees a ransom demand and a photo of Ridge with a machete at his throat. Ep 7: Ridge tells Stephanie that she needs to get along with Brooke in order to spend time with R.J. Ep 8: Ridge arrives home in a frenzy, claiming that he discovered what caused the disruption at Nick and Bridget's wedding. Ep 9: Ridge turns to Brooke in his grief over Felicia's. Taylor opens up to Hector about how she wants Ridge back. Ep 10: Ridge learns the extent of Eric's declining state. Disc 2 The Best of Taylor Ep 11: Eric and Stephanie (not knowing Taylor is alive) think they should institutionalize Ridge. Ep 12: Ridge hopes that this new CEO position will break up Nick and Brooke's relationship. Ep 13: Taylor takes the stand and gives an emotional plea to the judge that she needs her child to hold onto. Ep 14: Taylor accepts Rick's proposal with one stipulation; approval from Thomas and Steffy. Ep 15: Taylor's humility and vulnerability become evident as she puts her pride aside and asks Brooke to do what was once unfathomable. The Best of Ridge and Brooke Ep 16: Ridge and Brooke decide to elope. Lt. Baker arrives to help Rick, Macy, and Deacon locate Amber. Ep 17: The newly reunited Brooke and Ridge discuss the love they share for each other and for their children. Ep 18: Ridge finally stands up to Stephanie and proposes to Brooke. Ep 19: Eric and Ridge assure their loyal patrons they will still receive the wonderful craftsmanship they have always received from the Forrester family. Ridge proposes to Brooke on the runway. Ep 20: Jackie and Donna plan to sabotage Brooke and Ridge's wedding. Disc 3 The Best of Ridge and Taylor Ep 21: Stephanie informs Brooke of the seriousness of Ridge's condition. Ep 22: Taylor explains to Ridge how Dante rescued her and helped her escape. Ep 23: Ridge says he will not forgive Taylor, and insists that he is in love with Brooke. Ep 24: Stephanie tells Brooke why Taylor is the better woman for Ridge and issues a warning to stay away from him. Ep 25: Brooke fears that Ridge has had a change of heart when he doesn't show up for their meeting.

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